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Your roof is the most exposed part of your house. It has to withstand any weather condition, and from time to time, it will get damaged. No matter what type of damage it is; broken and missing shingles, roof leak, incorrect ventilation, it is important to repair it as soon as possible. You don’t have to wait for days to get an appointment and a further week to get your roof repaired. Fortified Roofing of Franklin, NJ can be at your doorstep the same day you call us. We are specialized in all roof repairs, and we guarantee you satisfaction and quality. We handle both small damages and big ones professionally. Since 2001, Fortified Roofing has been repairing roofs in Franklin, NJ, so you can be sure your roof is taken care of by Franklin’s top-quality roofing company.

Considering the conditions it has to go through, it is no wonder that there are many causes of damage to your roof. Some of which you can detect and some of which you simply can’t. Damage can be caused by aging, which is hard to avoid. However, you can slow down the aging process by taking a proper care of your roof and maintaining it correctly. Fortified Roofing offers you free consultations where you can learn how to handle your roofing system to maximize its lifespan. Damage can also be done physically by an animal jumping on it or branches falling. We can help you protect your roof from these factors and minimize the chances of damage of that kind in the future. However, the most often cause of damage is the weather. Harsh winters and extremely hot summers can cause your shingles to deteriorate and let water in.

A roof leak is one of the biggest problems homeowners can face, and it is also a result of storms. The trickiest part of roof leaks is finding them on time. You can be unaware of the hole in your roof until the snow storm comes and you are running around with a bucket to catch water. That’s why roof inspection is crucial and beneficial. By checking your roof, you lower the chances of a problem appearing, and you can prevent a disaster. However, if you notice a roof leak and decide to DIY it and patch the place, we guarantee you – that is not a long lasting solution. For your own safety, call a professional and have your roof leak repaired before significant damage to the interior of your home is done. Fortified Roofing can be your partner when problems arrive, all you have to do is contact us and our team will be on their way. Before we start working on your leak or damage of any kind, we will give you a quote. You can be sure that the price won’t change in the process. Prices of fixing a roof leak can vary depending on the size of your roof and the type of leak. No matter what the price is, our financing options will make it acceptable for you.

Franklin, NJ can be free of rusty, old and broken roofs because of Fortified Roofing. We guarantee to repair your roof in the shortest amount of time possible and with maximum efficiency. After fixing your roofing system, we will be happy to give you the best advice you can get on how to maintain your roof and prevent future damage. Risk nothing and have your roof repaired by a licensed and insured roofing company in your hometown.

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