The History of Franklin

The story of Franklin which we know today dates back to 1650. Modern Franklin holds a lot from its history and its past shaped it into what it is today. The story of how this, mostly, farming community evolved into a modern and fast-growing suburb is an interesting one.

Franklin’s history was in most part influenced by the Dutch settlers. In 1650 they settled in the area of Raritan Valley and started trading and negotiating with the Raritan Indians for the land, they settled on. Unfortunately, it remains unclear whether the township was named after William Franklin, last royal governor of New Jersey, or his father, one of the Founding Fathers of the USA, Benjamin Franklin. This dilemma was solved in 2000 when the Township Council decided to open a case concerning the history of the name. After considering all the evidence available and taking into consideration the thesis from William Brahm’s book Franklin Township, Somerset County, NJ: A History, the Township Council decided to respect the fact that the city was named after Benjamin Franklin.

A significant role in the development of Franklin Township played the Revolutionary war which lasted from 1773 to 1783. Franklin was the center of many raiding parties along the King’s Highway, also known as Route 27. Franklin was a focus point of one of the most intriguing moments in the Revolutionary War History. Cornwallis and DeHeister, two British generals,  tried to bait General Washington into battle that was planned on the plains of Middlebush and East Milestone. However, General Washington was determined to keep his troops at Chimney Rock ( right next to Franklin) until he was sure the British forces withdrew. Unfortunately, the British army succeeded in destroying a few wealthy farms in Middlebush.

Another significant step in the history of Franklin Township was building of the Delaware-Raritan Canal. In 1834 a twenty-mile route for channeling water was built all the way from New York City to Philadelphia. The canal runs through Franklin as well. Today, residents use it as a water drinking source, recreating and tourism area. The Civil war brought prosperity for Franklin Township due to tons of freight that were delivered. The impact of the civil war was an economic boom.  The Dutch also left The Van Wickle House. Today you can find it next to the Delaware and Raritan canal. It takes up the Somerset section of the township, and it was built in 1722. 

Today, Franklin owes its success to its history. Its history shaped it into one of the fastest-growing suburbs and religious, racial and cultural mix. Franklin Township truly represents the perfect blend of urban and peaceful, so it is no wonder it was ranked number five on Money’s list of America’s  Top 100 best places to live.

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