The Early History of Levittown, PA

When people reflect on the history of Pennsylvania they often associate it with Monmouth University and its present day reputation. However the historical significance of Levittown PA stretches beyond its connection to the university. Encompasses ties to other educational institutions throughout the state. Interestingly many of the settlers of the United States chose to establish their homes in and around Levittown, which explains the links between this town and the American Revolution. Levittown was actually one of the towns in what would become New Jersey thereby fostering a deep affinity between Levittown and its neighboring state. Discover more about dining options in Levittown PA.

One of the aspects of Levittowns ancient history lies in its central location within what is now known as the United States. This means that Levittown PA played a role in shaping America as we recognize it today. Numerous connections have been established between this town and New Jersey—John Adams, a figure in history, resided in a home within Levittown while even Thomas Jefferson had associations with this Pennsylvania town during his presidency.

One interesting aspect of Levittowns history is its rooted connection with King George III before the American Revolution. It turns out that Levittown served as a winter retreat for soldiers during the Revolutionary War. In fact some members of the force would take shelter in a cabin located in Levittown and utilize it as their winter camp. Today visitors have the opportunity to explore this cabin, which has been preserved and made accessible, to the public.

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