History of Cherry Hill, NJ

Situated in Camden County, New Jersey, Cherry Hill holds a significance in history. Renowned for its community and historical importance Cherry Hill has transformed from its roots into a thriving modern suburb. This article explores the past of Cherry Hill tracing its journey from times to the present day.

Early Origins

Long before European settlers made their way the land that we now know as Cherry Hill was inhabited by the Lenni Lenape Native Americans. These indigenous people flourished along the shores of the Delaware River engaging in fishing, hunting and farming. The fertile soil and abundant resources made this area an attractive place for settlement.

Colonial Times

In the century English Quakers began to establish themselves in this region, drawn by the promise of religious freedom in the New World. They built farms and communities that laid down foundations for development. One notable settler was William Penn, whose contributions greatly influenced the growth of this area.

Developments in the Century

The century witnessed remarkable progress for Cherry Hill. With the arrival of railroads during the mid 1800s came new possibilities, for trade and transportation.

During this time period the establishment of Cherry Hill Farmhouse became a landmark that played a role in naming the township.

The 20th century brought about transformations for Cherry Hill. Following World War II there was a surge in development driven by veterans returning home and seeking housing for their families. A pivotal moment in the town’s history occurred with the construction of Cherry Hill Mall in 1961 which was one of the enclosed shopping malls in the Eastern United States. This development turned Cherry Hill into a center.

Presently Cherry Hill thrives as a community that encompasses neighborhoods, commercial zones and green areas. The township remains connected to its origins with sites like Barclay Farmstead and Croft Farm serving as reminders of its heritage.

Cherry Hill has also made contributions. It has been home to individuals such as authors, artists and political figures. The township’s schools, libraries and community centers contribute to its scene establishing it as an arts and education hub within the region.

In conclusion, Cherry Hill NJ is more than a suburb of Philadelphia.

Cherry Hill is a place that has been shaped by its history starting from its roots, as Native American land to becoming a thriving modern community. The way it has evolved over time is a reflection of the strength and adaptability of its residents. Even as Cherry Hill continues to grow and transform it remains a testament to the tapestry of American history.

This article offers an overview of Cherry Hills past highlighting important periods and developments that have influenced the township. If you have any questions or would like detailed information, about any particular aspect of Cherry Hills history please don’t hesitate to ask!

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