New Roof Maintenance

Every roof needs maintenance in order to prevent damages and monitor where there may be weak areas. It’s especially important to maintain a new roof. A roof is a large investment financially, so it makes sense to provide routine maintenance to protect your investment. Maintenance is much easier to deal with than a leak or other type of damage. If you’re uncomfortable getting up on your roof to conduct routine maintenance, there are plenty of Voorhees roofing companies who will send a contractor out to assess your roof and let you know if there are any areas that need attention.

After you have a new roof put on your home, it’s important to keep the trees around your home from overhanging onto the roof. Many homeowners experience roof damage when large limbs are broken off of trees and hit the roof. If a large tree limb hits the roof at the right angle, it can cause a hole or rip off shingles. This is a timely and costly repair that can easily be avoided by simply trimming back all of your trees and making sure that there are no overhanging limbs.

Another important maintenance routine is to clear all debris off of your roof and out of your gutters. This is especially important after storms and during the fall when leaves are being blown from the trees. A buildup of debris can cause roof damage, which often leads to leaks.

It can also cause a buildup of mold, mildew, or algae stains on the roof. This weakens that area of the roof and makes it easier for moisture to seep down and leak into your attic because moss and algae act like a sponge, soaking up rain water and other moisture.

The best way to maintain a new roof is to inspect your roof at least once, if not twice, a year. Leaks, shingle damage, algae growth, and holes are easier to spot if you’re consistently inspecting your roof. Climb up onto your roof (or hire a pro to do it) and carefully look for any moisture spots, mildew growth, shingle damage, bent or rusted flashing, and built up debris. It may be a couple of years before you start noticing anything, but don’t assume that just because your roof is new you can wait five years before an inspection. Since some problems can start slowly, you can prevent damage by knowing whether or not your roof is in good shape.

If you don’t like climbing up onto your roof each year, speak with a professional roofer about a maintenance schedule. You can get the cost of having a roofer come out a couple times of year and inspecting your roof. If the roofer notices damage, they can also climb into your attic and make sure there are no immediate problems. This will also help prevent you missing damage and resulting in with a costly repair. A reputable company will not invent problems just to gain business, so just make sure you’re using a company you trust. Fortified Roofing of Voorhees NJ would be happy to answer any question you have about roofing, skylight installation or new roofs.

Common term explained by Fortified Roofing of Voorhees NJ:

Algae stains

These stains are caused by algae or moss spores that are carried by the wind and settle on rooftops. Usually appearing as black streaks along areas of the roof that get a lot of shade, these stains will spread if you don’t clean the roof and have the algae removed.

A Voorhees roofing contractor answers a commonly asked question:

Do I need to keep my roof clean?

It’s important to keep your roof clean so that debris doesn’t build up and cause damage to your shingles. Roof debris can also contribute to a buildup of moisture and mold, weakening your roof and causing leaks. Keeping your gutters clean is also important so the weight doesn’t damage the roof. A professional company can help you clean your roof annually and will inspect it for any damages.

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