What To Expect During Reroofing

Homeowners who have never commissioned a roofing project don’t know what to expect from their roofing contractor and sometimes become apprehensive as the project’s start date nears. Knowing that a trusted, professional Voorhees roofing company is doing the work helps homeowners rest easy the night before roofing begins.

Because both customers and roofers have busy schedules, coming to a consensus on the project dates may involve some give and take, but reputable roofing contractors try their best to schedule a project to be as convenient to customers as possible. Should a conflict arise that requires customers to reschedule, the contractor appreciates being contacted as soon as possible so it doesn’t create delays with other projects.

Roofers like to start the day early, especially during the summer months, to take advantage of cool temperatures. They don’t expect homeowners to be up to greet them unless there is a pressing problem or change of plan that requires discussion before work can begin.

Often the first step in starting the new roof involves dispensing with the old one. Roofers like to park their dump trucks or dumpsters close to the roof’s edge where they can toss old shingles and pieces of felt as they remove them. Customers can make this easier by removing vehicles, planters, toys and other objects that are near the house before the project begins.

Depending on the number of previous roofing layers, the number of workers and the size of the roof, tear off can take from a few hours to an entire day. When the tear off is complete, the roofers check for any soft spots or surface deterioration on the exposed decking, and replace sections as necessary.

Rather than leave the roof deck exposed overnight, the crew takes the time to affix underlayment materials before knocking off for the night.

When the crew begins installation, laying down sheet metal flashing in roof junctures and around chimneys, vents and skylights is the first step to creating an impervious weather barrier. Installing water and ice shielding around the perimeter of the roof, if not already done, prevents ice dams from damaging roofing and walls in severe winter weather.

While this work is ongoing, the crew does not expect homeowners to be on hand to help. In fact, for safety reasons, non-bonded individuals cannot be on the roof. The workers typically ask very little of the residents other than, perhaps, the use of a garden hose during cleanup. This does not mean that homeowners must leave the premises while the house is being reroofed. However, the work is noisy and messy, so some customers plan to spend some time away from home during the project.

Once the flashing and other prep work is complete, the crew affixes the shingles with hammers or nail guns. Other steps include gutter and downspout installation, and skylight installation, which the contractor schedules at appropriate times during the project. When the entire project is completed, the crew members go over the job site to pick up stray nails, shingles, and old roofing materials, leaving the home and yard as neat as when they arrived. Fortified Roofing of Voorhees NJ would be happy to answer any question you have about roofing, skylight installation or new roofs.

Common term explained by Fortified Roofing of Voorhees NJ:

Underlayment materials

Roofing felt or tar paper and ice and water barrier are two types of underlayment materials that help the roof repel moisture. In many areas, laying down underlayment materials prior to installing shingles is standard practice for roofing professionals.

Voorhees roofing FAQ of the day:

When will the roofer expect payment?

Usually the roofing contractor works out a payment arrangement with the customer prior to beginning installation. Reputable roofers never ask for payment in full before the job is complete and the customer has inspected the work. However, it is not uncommon for any contractor to request a good faith deposit before beginning a residential job.

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