Step-by-Step Walkthrough of a Successful Roof Replacement


Few things are more terrifying than having your roof replaced. 

That statement might seem odd coming from a team with over 20 years of roofing experience under our belts. We live, breathe, dream, and genuinely love roofs, but sales pitches aside, we understand your anxiety. 

Because high-quality roofs typically last 25 to 30 years, roof replacements aren’t everyday occurrences, and most people only deal with roofers a few times in their lives. The stress is only amplified by the steep cost and the far-reaching consequences of picking the wrong contractor. 

Admit it — you’ve probably had nightmares about roofless homes, rain-soaked family photos, and doomed electronics. 

This guide is for everyone feeling even a little jittery about their upcoming roof replacement. Knowledge is power, right? When you know what to expect from your roofing team, your anxiety can make way for excitement about a brand-new, expertly-installed roof.

Choosing Your Roofing Contractor

Do you dread picking out a new washing machine? Shopping for a roofing contractor takes the anxiety to a whole other level. Roof replacements usually cost between $5,000 and $15,000 — hardly pocket change. The bottom line? Never go for the cheapest roofing contractor in your area. Go for the best.

Reputable roofers:

  • Have a proven track record of success. 
  • Specialize in roofing — (don’t settle for general contractors) 
  • Boast prestigious industry certifications, like our GAF Master Elite certification.
  • Carry liability and workers’ comp insurance and will provide you with documentation.
  • Answer all your questions, no matter how detailed. 
  • Provide transparent quotes.

Walk away if you notice any red flags. This is about the roof over your head, after all. What could be more important?

1. Roof Inspection

Your roof replacement starts with a detailed roof inspection. We’ll assess your current roof’s condition, identify any underlying concerns, and advise you about the next steps. 

The Fortified Roofing team will discuss the best roofing materials, shingle colors, and modifications. Whether you’re changing roof design or restoring your home to its glory, every roof replacement starts with a plan.

2. Securing Permits

You’ll need the right permits before we can start on your roof replacement. Our experienced roofing team handles the paperwork for you, giving you one less thing to worry about. Your local Homeowners’ Association or Architectural Review Board may limit shingle colors or roof designs, but we’ll always “color within the lines.”

3. Clearing the Job Site

A roof replacement is a massive undertaking — and we’re sorry to say that it will reverberate throughout your home. Roof replacements on your home always start with some prep. 

While the Fortified Roofing team will help homeowners prepare the job site, you can do your bit, too. We recommend that you:

  • Temporarily take any pictures down from your walls.
  • Trim your yard. 
  • Move grills, trampolines, and other items from your yard that are near your home.
  • Keep your driveway clear
  • Take steps to protect trees and plants — we can help if you don’t know how.

4. Removing Your Old Roof

When our team arrives, we’ll first remove your old roof. Depending on your roofing materials, we’ll use tools like pry bars and shingle forks to get the job done. While we’ll place your old shingles in the dumpster that we’ll bring onsite, homeowners can expect this part of the roof replacement process to get a little messy.

5. Assessing Your Sheathing

Another thorough inspection follows. We’ll assess the sheathing on which we’ll lay your new roof and make any necessary repairs before moving forward. This ensures your new roof lasts as long as possible, and minimizes the need for repairs in the future.

6. Nearly There!

Next, we’ll:

  • Install new drip edging.
  • Install the underlayment that protects your sheathing, starting at the edge of your roof.

These steps lay the groundwork for your roof replacement — so it’s time to get excited!

7. Installing Your New Roof

With these preparatory steps completed, it’s time to get you set up with a new roof. If, like most Americans, you choose asphalt shingles, we’ll start at the bottom, strategically adding concealed nails to secure your new roof and staggering the shingles to ensure watertight coverage. We’ll also add flashing and sealant to roof penetrations where applicable. 

8. Cleaning Up

By the time we reach this step, your new roof will look amazing — but the job site (also known as your property!) looks a little rough around the edges. Debris, dumpsters, vehicles, and tools still cloud your ability to enjoy your beautiful new roof. The Fortified Roofing team will clear that right up for you!

How Long to Replace a Roof?

How long does roof replacement take, you wonder? Here’s our promise to you — you’ll spend much longer worrying about your roof replacement than we’ll take to get the job done. 

Deciding on the right roofing contractor, getting your initial inspection done, arranging for financing, and choosing your roofing materials and shingle colors can drag on. That all changes when you hire Fortified Roofing. 

As long as you hire us to replace your roof during the roofing season, the average roof replacement time is just one to two days! This countdown starts when our team and equipment arrive onsite. It keeps ticking until our last truck leaves and we pick the final stray nail out of your rose bushes. 

Ready for a New Roof? Call Fortified Roofing Today!

Is your roof nearing the end of its lifespan? Ready to invest in the future? Call Fortified Roofing today! As a GAF Master Elite certified roofing company in Woodbridge, NJ, with over 20 years of industry expertise, we’re your trusted partner.

When you contact us for a free quote, expect more than transparency. We also commit to answering any of your questions in as much detail as you like — and providing you with any documentation you ask for. 

A roof replacement is among the biggest investments you’ll ever make. We’re here to make the experience stress-free and ensure you won’t need our services again for at least another 30 years.